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I’m gonna show you what a girl typically working out would look like versus what you want me to look like 

perfect person award


She also put on lip stick, eyeliner, let her hair down, and put on hoop earrings.

^ that’s the point of the video, though. This asshat was bitching about how “unfeminine” female Olympians are, when that shouldn’t even be a focus for people. There’s plenty of time for makeup, eyeliner, bikinis, whatever (if that’s their thing!) outside the Olympics.

It’s degrading to female athletes to have their accomplishments pushed to the side, things they’ve worked their whole lives for, and instead be judged on appearance at the one place they shouldn’t be.

^^^ YES. people need to know the context of the shit their about to comment on lol.

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another set of commissioned dragon hoards ! the cat hoarder and the kitten hoarder are best friends and sometimes let their charges meet for playdates 

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